Initial Consultation


Fabricio Ormonde is renowned for providing a very high quality, detailed assessment of all new client’s skin concerns. Your assessment begins with your consultation form, which will include not only a standard medical history checklist, but also extends to questioning about your current skincare routine and products used. During this 30-60 minute visit, Skin Therapist, Fabricio Ormonde, will discuss all aspects of your skin health and how he can assist with your skincare goals.


It’s a time for him to listen to your skincare concerns; conduct a thorough skin analysis; document your skin condition through photography; perform a laser and light-based patch test and if appropriate, review your current home care routine and discuss treatment options. Just like any good conversation, there are plenty of opportunities for both parties to voice their concerns. It isn’t just about him telling you what to do—it’s about asking questions, expressing concerns, suggesting treatments and finding solutions that work for you.


Once we’ve had our chat, he put together a treatment plan detailing recommended products and procedures, prices, and expected discomfort and downtime. From there, it’s entirely up to you. You can choose to undergo a treatment right away or you can take some time to consider your options.


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