The therapeutic treatments offered by Fabricio Ormande are designed to work with the skin, not against it, and are inspired by the key pillars of optimal skin health. Fabricio believes that healthy skin is balanced and hydrated, naturally reflects light, has a clear and even texture, is sculpted and toned, is tolerant rather than overly sensitive and has a youthful look and  feel. With these pillars in mind, Fabricio developed treatments that provide his international clientele with visible and sustained improvement to the aesthetic quality of their skin. His philosophy is “progressive, not aggressive” as he believes that a consistent, measured approach delivers better, more sustainable results than overly aggressive treatments which can frequently cause damage to the epidermis and the skin’s microbiome.

Upon meeting each new client, Fabricio Ormonde begins with a detailed skin assessment which considers a client’s age, skin type, skincare regimen and lifestyle factors as well as goals for improvement. Upon completion of the analysis, a treatment plan is recommended which frequently features skin firming technology, microcurrent, ultrasound and oxygen infusion among other modalities. As skin is the most dynamic of the body’s organs, a client’s treatment plan is continuously reviewed and adapted to seasonality, lifestyle changes (i.e., pregnancy, menopause) and other relevant factors.

Fabrizio believes in a bespoke approach to skincare as well and provides each client with a personalized daily product regimen designed to build upon the results achieved from his in-studio treatments. Clients frequently note that the personalized skin care regimen recommended by Fabricio result in meaningful improvements to skin quality and effectively addresses concerns including loss of tone and definition, discoloration, uneven texture, lack of luminosity, etc.  The following brands are currently offered for retail sale in Fabricio Ormonde’s New York studio and on his website: Biologique Recherche, ISClinical and Environ Skincare. Remote skincare consultations are available by appointment to existing clients only,

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